Multan Waste Management provides solid waste collection, transfer, and disposal services to 1 to 68 Union Councils of Multan City. With our modern and well-maintained fleet, our staff is available from 6 AM to 2 PM, six days a week, to collect and dispose of non-hazardous waste. Our fleet comprises Tractor Trolleys, Container Lifters, Water bowser, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Excavators, Blades, and various other utility and transport vehicles.

Multan City is divided into 4 Zones and 16 Sectors for better administrative control.


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Zone 1: Deputy Manager Operations Name: Anwar Ul Haq, Contact No# 03040928881

Sr. NoSector NameUC's in SectorSector In-ChargeContact Number
1Nishter2,3,33,35,36Sajjad Bhutta03268007881
2Shaheen Market29,30,31,32,34Muhammad Asif03268007882
3Pak Gate25,26,27,28Muhammad Shafi03268007883
4Walled City01,57,58,59,60Muhammad Shahbaz03268007884


Zone 2: Deputy Manager Operations Name: Usman Khursheed, Contact No# 03040928882

Sr. NoSector NameUC's in SectorSector In-ChargeContact Number
1Gulgasht4,5,6,67,68Waseem Iqbal03268007885
2Shamsabad7,8,9,QQGhulam Yousuf03268007894
3Chowk Khumharan10,11,12Haji Mazhar03268007887
4Piran Ghiab13,63,64,65,66Tahseen Lodhi03268007889


Zone 3: Deputy Manager Operations Name: Habib Ullah Zafar, Contact No# 03040928883

Sr. NoSector NameUC's in SectorSector In-ChargeContact Number
1Jinnah Park14,15,16,52,53Waris Ali03268007890
2Ansari Chowk17,18,19,20,22Abdul Rauf03268007891
3Manzorabad21,23,24Irfan Shah03268007892
4Qasimpur50,51,54,55,56Shahid Bashir03268007893


Zone 4: Deputy Manager Operations Name: Bilal Bhutta, Contact No# 03040928884

Sr. NoSector NameUC's in SectorSector In-ChargeContact Number
1Mumtazabad43,48,49Alamdar Shah03268007886
2Timber Market40,42,62Rasheed Anwar03268007895
3Rangeelpur41,44,45,46,47Arif Bhutta03268007896
4Double Phatak37,38,39,61Muhammad Asghar03268007897