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We’re here for you and will solve your complaint within 48 hours. You Can Register Your Complaint at our toll free number 1139.

Same Day Resolve

Complaint Management and Resolution System has been devised for registration of complaints lodged by public, escalation of complaints to the field staff and recording of resolution details of the complaints.1139 is a free helpline for your complaints , suggestions and feedback.

When a member of the public calls the line, they are answered by a person, from 9 AM To 4 PM, six days a week. The details of the complaint, such as location, nature of the complaint, and the complainant’s contact details are recorded and passed to the relevant authority. It will then assess and investigate the complaint as appropriate. The line ensures that there is a person available to take such calls at all times.

1139 is the best tool of feedback and it is also one of the fastest rederssal system. We have identified some kinds of common complaints along with their allocated rederssal time and escalation levels to fast address any and every complaint.


    • +92 0305 9215555

      1139 (Toll Free Number)


    • Multan Waste Management Company 768-768/A

      Mehmood Abad Colony Khanewal Road Multan, Pakistan


    Monday – Friday 09:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Saturday (Alternate Sat is Off) 9:00 AM – 02:00 PM
    Sunday Off