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CEO Visits 

  • CEO MWMC Mr. Nasir shehzad Dogar’s Special orders for washing of Flyovers, He personally inspected the areas & all the washing Activities.

  • CEO MWMC Mr. Nasir Shehzad Doagr’s special visit to Cricket Stadium to check Cleanliness Activities for PSL Matches. Special Squad of 140 Sanitary workers are deployed for cleanliness of Cricket Ground including Entry Gate, Pavilion & Enclosures. All the Stadium Routes are also being cleared.

  • MWMC’s Outstanding performance: Almost 74 Waste Drums with the slogan ” GREEN & CLEAN IS OUR PERFECT DREAM ” are Installed in fronts of Government & Private Schools to control the Waste spread.

  • Commissioner Multan Shan-ul-Haq sudden visit to MWMC Office, Assigned Metropolitan status to Multan City, He said the company should play a key role in Green-Clean Activity. It is the responsibility of Administrative to provide a clean environment to the Citizens.

  • سی ای او ملتان ویسٹ مینجمنٹ کمپنی امیر حسن قریشی قلعہ کہنہ قاسم باغ پر سینیٹیشن سٹاف کی بائیو میٹرک حاضری کی ویری فیکیشن کر رہے ہیں
  • سی ای او ایم ڈبلیو ایم سی امیر حسن قریشی نے عید الفطر سے پہلے صفائی کے انتظامات کا جائزہ لینے کے لۓ شہر کے مختلف مقامات کا دورہ کیا. ۔

Daily Cleanliness Activities 

  • Mechanical sweeping on roads on weekly basis. 

  • MWMC’s workers performing their duties in different areas of Multan on daily basis, including sweeping, garbage collection.  

Special Activities

  • The City Based “Bhanas” has reached the radar of Waste Management’s Enforcement Cell. Enforcement Wing begins imposing Penalties to the owners. A Challan Form issued to the owners, with then Fine Amount.
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