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CEO Visits 

  • Deputy Commissioner and CEO Abdul Latif Khan inspected the routes of mourning processions and visited Imam-Bargah, Excellent arrangements will be made for repair, cleaning and lighting of mourning procession routes. The waste management company will clean up the routes of the mourning processions.

  • DC, Multan Aamir Khattak Visit the MWMC Office & inaugatred Hand Carts among the workers along with CEO, MWMC Abdul-Latif Khan.

  • Waste Management Company prepares cleaning plan for Eid-ul-Adha on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak, Machinery will be hired for ideal cleaning in the city, CEO Abdul Latif Khan said.

  • So Multan is ready for change.A campaign has been launched to make Multan clean and bright, Preparations are complete to install 300 waste bins in the city’s famous highways and busy markets Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak inaugurated the project at Gol Bagh Gulgasht.  MD MWMC, Nasir Shehzad Dogar also accompanied. 

  • Ideal cleaning of roads and highways of the City, MWMC’s officials and management on the streets for monitoring regardless of the heat. Operational and enforcement staff mobilized, heavy machinery engaged. 

  • Ideal cleaning arrangements on the arrival of Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar in Multan Waste Management Company thoroughly cleaning all the main highways of the city, 7 mechanical sweepers of MWMC were also used for cleaning. Airport Road, Khanewal Road, Vehari Chowk, Mumtazabad and Shuja-abad Roads were effectively cleaned.

  • CEO Meeting with Private school Owners to Install Waste Drums in front of their Schools, otherwise heavy fine will be imposed. 

  • CEO MWMC Mr. Nasir shehzad Dogar’s Special orders for washing of Flyovers, He personally inspected the areas & all the washing Activities.

  • CEO MWMC Mr. Nasir Shehzad Doagr’s special visit to Cricket Stadium to check Cleanliness Activities for PSL Matches. Special Squad of 140 Sanitary workers are deployed for cleanliness of Cricket Ground including Entry Gate, Pavilion & Enclosures. All the Stadium Routes are also being cleared.

  • Commissioner Multan Shan-ul-Haq sudden visit to MWMC Office, Assigned Metropolitan status to Multan City, He said the company should play a key role in Green-Clean Activity. It is the responsibility of Administrative to provide a clean environment to the Citizens.

Daily Cleanliness Activities

  • On the direction of Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak, MWMC issued action plan for cleaning on the occasion of Muharram. The 9th and 10th Muharram holidays of the operational staff of the Waste Management Company were canceled During Ashura Muharram, 14 emergency camps will be set up in the city Each sector head will be in charge of the emergency camp.

  • Clean Multan, Green Multan

  • The historic fort Kahna Qasim Bagh is the most beautiful tourist destination of Multan. There are shrines of saints here. Damdama is the place from which old and new Multan can be seen. Qasim Bagh, football stadium and craft shop is located in Multan. Every day thousands of tourists visit Qila Kahna Qasim Bagh. That is why Multan waste management company arranges daily special cleaning to clean the fort.

  • CEO Waste Management Company Abdul Latif Khan visits the city to inspect the cleanliness.

  • Waste Management Company maintained the tradition of top position in the province this week in terms of timely redressal of public grievances. MWMC has left behind 6 other companies of Punjab by resolving 100% complaints.

  • MWMC banned from attending IRIS, due to threat of Corona Virus. The company has integrated the manual attendance system of workers. All sector in-charges have been made to check the attendance of Sanitary Workers at 06:00 AM. 

  • Announcement of establishment of sub-secretariat from July 1, waste management company also tightened its belt. The fate of New Kachehri Road and surrounding roads woke up. MWMC  started washing roads, Roads from Bakhtawar Amin Hospital to Land Record Center has been paved. 

  • Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak has given the task to the Waste Management Company to polish all the flyovers in the city. Waste Management Company’s Water Bowser and Workforce are busy washing flyovers. Three special teams are engaged for washing flyovers.

  • Waste Management Company launches special drive to clean sidewalks and dividers of main highways, Instructions to all sector in-charges to ensure scraping process in their areas, Special cleaning of flyovers and metro routes continues on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner. Cleaning of dividers of Chowk Kamharanwala, Rashidabad, Kachehri Chowk, Aziz Hotel and Double Gate completed. 

  • Waste Management Company’s grand cleaning operation in Qasim Bela. A 50-member staff of Senitory Workers are busy cleaning the streets and alleys. Cleaning staff also get help from front blades,  tractors, trolleys and dumpers. The staff has been given the task of lifting waste from all plots and open spaces.

  • Multan: Disinfection continues in mosques due to fear of corona virus Multan: On the direction of Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak, spray campaign started in big mosques for prayers and Taraweeh.

  • Special cleanliness Activities regarding ” Youme-Ali (R.A)

  • Special Cleanliness Activities to Clear Mud from the footpath sides.

  • Cleaning by Waste Management Company despite Rain in City, All Sanitary Workers have been given the task of lifting Waste from the city. 

  • Mechanical sweeping on roads on weekly basis. 
  • MWMC’s workers performing their duties in different areas of Multan on daily basis, including sweeping, garbage collection.  

Special Activities

  • Some mew areas are added into MWMC’s Premises, As special activities are done in shujabad road, Gardon town, Model Town

  • Another great initiative of Multan Waste Management Company, 38 waste bins have been installed on Bosan Road from Chungi No. 9 to Saidanwala Bypass. Installed on both sides of Highway. “Ideal cleaning on Bosan Road is our target,” CEO.

  • Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar’s stay in Multan, cleaning of highways continues. On the direction of Deputy Commissioner, Waste Management Company has been busy in polishing the city roads for the last 72 hours. All routes to Multan Airport have been cleaned.

  • Multan Waste Management Company has set up SPECIAL HELP DESK for Sanitary Workers on the instructions of the Punjab Local Government to deal with the health and salary issues of the Workers.

  • Waste management company committed to protect its workers in view of growing threats of Corona Virus .Distribution of masks, soaps and gloves among sanitary workers started on the direction of Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak. Safety equipment is being distributed among 2,000 workers of the company. 

  • All arrangements have been made at the Quarantine center for the stay of Pakistanis coming from abroad. Bed and all daily necessities were provided in every room, Disinfection of various blocks of quarantine center set up in Labor Complex. Sanitary workers of waste management company completed the task of cleaning blocks consisting of 215 bedrooms.

  • In view of the arrival of the month of Ramadan, the Waste Management Company has formulated a special plan for sanitation, On the direction of Deputy Commissioner, spraying of chlorinated water inside Mosques started. The disinfection unit was divided into three teams, Each team will consist of 6 spray machines and a sprinkling vehicle.

  • The City Based “Bhanas” has reached the radar of Waste Management’s Enforcement Cell. Enforcement Wing begins imposing Penalties to the owners. A Challan Form issued to the owners, with then Fine Amount.

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