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  • Managing, controlling and monitoring existing procedures, processes, actions, activities, facilities, operations, schemes, plans, programs and assets of the CDGM directly or indirectly related to generation, collection, separation, storage, reuse, recycling, transportation, transfer, reduction, treatment and disposal of Solid Waste.

  • Developing and implementing a framework for regulating Solid Waste Management service delivery.

  • Expansion, increase, enhancement and improvement in existing organizational capability for solid waste management; introduction of new schemes, plans, programs, operations, activities, actions, procedures, processes for solid waste management, making and executing decisions to downsize or discontinue schemes, plans, programs, operations, activities, actions, operations, procedures, processes for solid waste management.

  • Managing, controlling, using, maintaining machinery, equipment’s, tools, plants, vehicles, lands, buildings, structures and other moveable and immoveable assets owned, managed or controlled by the MWMC for solid waste management.

  • Taking all such steps as are deemed necessary and expedient by the MWMC for effective management of solid waste in order to safeguard public health, ensure that waste is reduced, collected, stored, transported, recycled, reused or disposed of, in an environmentally sound manner and promoting safety standards in relation to such waste and issuing specific directions to persons and entities to arrange solid waste management in the manner determined by the MWMC.

  • Promoting public awareness of importance of waste reduction, resource recovery and comprehensive and efficient solid waste management and fostering understanding of its importance for conservation, protection and proper use of environment and initiating, carrying out or supporting, by financial means or otherwise, research which, in the opinion of the MWMC , is relevant to any of the functions assigned to it.

  • Proposing general standards, guidelines and codes of practice relating to solid waste management including minimum specifications of equipment used for solid waste management and ensuring compliance with such standards, guidelines and codes.

  • Performing all functions assigned to the MWMC and such other functions which are connected with or ancillary to those functions or which are necessary for performance of those functions either directly or through other entities by making contractual arrangements.

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