Rapid urbanization coupled with increasing economic activity in the Multan City resulted in the generation of high volumes of solid waste bringing solid waste management at the forefront of environmental concerns. Worsened condition (of the City and insufficient and obsolete Solid waste management (SWM) infrastructure underlined a greater than ever need for effective measures to be taken in this regard.

The City District Government Multan(CDGM), desired to improve the system of Solid Waste Management in the City and the CDGM found its existing organizational capability inadequate to achieve intended results to protect public health, safety and welfare through comprehensive and Integrated Solid Waste Management, and, upon its request, the Chief Executive of the Province allowed formation and incorporation of the MWMC, inter alia, to effectively manage, regulate and control Solid Waste in Multan City under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance to implement the integrated solid waste management (ISWM) which is a dire need of the future for saving public health, land, economic resources and the environment at the large.

The Company is limited by guarantee having no share capital and is formed not for profit within the meaning of Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, ‘1984 organized and established for development in the field of Solid Waste Management for the benefit of people living within the area of “Multan “and to provide sustainable, efficient and affordable waste management services for the citizens of “Multan “and also to provide necessary  facilities in order to enable the existing solid waste management system of Multan to undertake activities of income generation and to enhance the quality of the existing system.

According to Section 54-A of Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001, the TMAs in Multan City had certain functions to perform in respect of Solid Waste Management but the lack of organizational capability to perform those functions. And hence they deem it expedient in public interest to exclusively entrust those functions to the MWMC for purposes of efficiency, economy and effectiveness in performance of those functions.

Office Address : Multan Waste Management Company 

Shamsabad Colony near Chungi Number 9, Multan (061-9330175) 

Office Timing : 10:00 Am to 03:00 PM